300dpi is an emotional addition to our portfolio. This is a site for people who appreciate creativity. A true work of art!


Due to proper structure, the user is directed straight to the portfolio. In the case of 300dpi, each photographer has to compete for your attention. A single look and a following click is all that separates you and the professional from collaboration.

The Client:

The Client was a group of photographers who wanted a better way to showcase their work.

The Challenge:

The client wanted a website that displayed photographers’ and conveyed their creative nature.

The Solution:

MakeIT went all out with the artistic/visual approach here, creating a site that could be considered a work of art.


The “best projects” section and “latest added” are there for the users to familiarize themselves with the site, the professionals who are there, and the quality of their work.


The user can immediately book a photographer through a message form at the bottom of the page.


The Result:

The client received a convenient tool to showcase their portfolios as well as find potential clients.

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