History of the company

We are family

We are not just employees we are family

MakeIT’s history is the history of people. Emotional moments and tight deadlines, slow progression from “WTF?” to successful implementation. It is also happiness and sadness, nostalgia and sentiment, infinite volumes of completed work and an uncountable number of pages of code. Partners and clients who walked together with us, discussions, and productive arguments all helped us grow as a team. A large number of expert IT professionals joined MakeIT and helped make our company what it is today. All of this was done here and happened to us, and everyone involved now carries the memories and feelings of our past within. Below you can find information about the most significant milestones that our company reached since its founding in 2008.

Our history

Our history is in our hands

Our successes


  1. 2008The company’s founding and first steps. Progression from idea to realization. Careful selection of qualified specialists. Work on our first projects.

    A lack of automated systems for the collection and processing of data was quite clear. The main direction of our work at this time was the development of systems that helped businesses handle their transportation needs. The post crisis situation that pushed businesses toward fuel conservation as well as a small number of ready made solutions in this niche allowed our company to grain ground and start growing quite quickly.

    Our sales grew, and the AutoScan system as well as software for the processing and analysis of collected information helped us build a solid foundation to ensure future growth.

  2. 2009Development of new solutions and fine tuning of our existing products. Building working relationships with equipment manufacturers and software developers.

    This year we strengthened our position on the software and automation system markets. The implementation of a large number of finished systems and custom made solutions required constant updates, support, and improving the technical skills of our employees. The appearance of clients in new business niches required new versions and functionality in our existing systems.

    During this year, we began our collaboration with “Microtronic”, which involved work on products and support with improving technologies as well as IT systems.

  3. 2010Development of new partnerships. Implementation of new technological solutions, and establishment of direct contacts with device manufacturers.

    During this year, we signed a contract for a strategic partnership with SkyRiver - a manufacturer of GPS transport control systems. The decision was made quite quickly, as during the first conversation we were able to not only find common ground regarding a specific project, but also agree on future collaboration. We are still collaborating with SkyRiver and are happy to have partners with whom we can share our journey.

    Our current collaboration includes the improvement of software products as well as providing additional IT talent for any future clients.

  4. 2011-2012 Diversification of the main work direction of the company toward IT solutions. GPS systems were enriched with additional modules and are now controlled by their own applications.

    Constant work on the improvement of tracking applications. Thanks to the use of open source systems and the appearance of additional solutions, the product became relevant not only for individual users, but for the industry as a whole. At the same time, tracking gadgets became full-fledged systems that took care of any needs of the user. The updated version of the product included a complete task management system, automated warehouse management, and management of roadside agents.

  5. 2013Work on web development projects for clients from the CIS region as well as international clients. Development of our own content management system.

    This year we also launched an Android app, that became an important part in our development. After 5 years in the business, we were able to transition from working on the needs of individual users, to the development of a universal solution, that could be used by hundreds of businesses of different sizes.

    At the same time we’ve received our first large corporate web projects, that were built for Ukrainian businesses as well as international companies.

    Our content management system highlighted simplicity and modularity. The first point being important in terms of usability, without the user needing to contact IT-specialists to resolve issues. The second, made the solution flexible, giving us the ability to implement it for new clients regardless of their business niche. We started attracting more and more enterprise-level clients, for example, L’viv-based companies “Galka” and “Enzyme”, which are some of the biggest companies in Western Ukraine.

  6. 2014This year our web development department really took off, and was recognized as one of the best in the city of L’viv.

    Recognition as one of the best in L’viv was no small feat, as the city is rapidly becoming the new IT capital of Ukraine. During this year we had quite a lot of work from existing clients as well as a significant number of new ones. Gradual specialization of the team that is responsible for web development projects.

  7. 2015This year brought the opening of a new department, the final version of our content management system, as well as a number of new challenges.

    Collaboration with a German specialist suddenly led to the opening of a new department. The initiators of the new team were our co-founder and a project manager. Right away we got a number of new projects, such as:

    - the development of a user friendly content management system for a private international client, that was built for people without an IT background. Simplicity and a well-polished UX is what separated this system from its competitors. The Admin panel turned out completely different from all other available systems.

    - the development of 3D animations for government structures, that made visualization of complex projects possible.

    - a large project from Dubai, that included an implementation of a new system with a modern UI, development of a CRM solution, and creation of new products for the client. In addition to this we also worked on a significant number of support tasks for previous clients, individual tasks for new clients, and developed new business partnerships.

  8. 2016-2017These years included a large number of new IT-outsourcing projects, work with existing clients, and new frameworks.

    They also included the development of new skills for our employees and our portfolio. This year Laravel became our core development framework. An interesting project that we developed during these years was the development of a dating site and its ongoing support. We’d love to tell you more, but unfortunately the project is under strict NDA protection. Right now, we can only say that the client is from England, and the project was awesome!

  9. 2018This year brought the biggest growth of our team in the history of the company.

    Skilled business development managers, copywriters, marketers, QA engineers, as well as new developers all joined our team. Only the strongest from the original team remained, and the new team members allowed us to carry out specific tasks with laser-beam precision. Now our team is a friendly collective with an efficient working process. Everyone knows their role and responsibilities and knows he or she is the best at what they do.

    At the same time we divided our development team into two departments:
    - Pixel Perfect WordPress development of sites and plugins at the highest level.
    - Custom Laravel/Yii2 development for small and medium businesses.