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Sergiy Dziupin


Not only the director of the company, but the leader of the whole team.   Sergey leads by example and motivates all team members to strive for more. He also organizes the team, makes strategic decisions, and accepts full responsibility upon himself in times of crisis. Thanks to Sergey and his approach to working with employees, the team has developed camaraderie, mutual understanding, and a willingness to support one another. He is equally as rational in dealing with clients as he is with each individual team member. Sergey spends his free time on his motorcycle, or traveling. He appreciates good music and usually makes the playlist for the background music in our office.

Roman Lev


The person who determines the overall vision of the company and the direction of its future growth.   A strategist and helmsman of all the company’s department. It’s hard to overestimate the impact of Roman’s work on all the company’s processes.   New vectors of growth, the search for new ways of development, and signing contracts with strategic partners - all of this happens with Roman’s involvement. Additionally, he organizes all administrative work, long term planning, and MakeIT’s presentations in domestic as well as international events.

Sales Team

Oleksandr Petrenko

Account Manager

A powerful speaker who is clearly focused on his own purpose in life.  He has a knack for getting people excited and can build rapport with as well as motivate just about anyone.  Thanks to him, the MakeIT portfolio is regularly updated with successful implementation of new, ambitious projects.  Oleksandr has vast experience working with international clients. After a conversation with him, the majority of these clients look no further for a development partner. He is sociable, responsible, and practical, constantly processing large amounts of data and remembering every client. He likes traveling and spends his free time with friends.  He dreams of opening his own restaurant and traveling around the world.

Kostyantyn Samoylov

Business Analyst

Experienced, productive and resourceful business analyst who brings clarity and structure and serves a bridge between your product vision and ready for development software requirements. He’s a key to forming the MVP and the rest of a product timeline. Kostya’s job is great communicator and listener, his job is turning crude customer wishes into product backlog, so that all product features are clarified, documented in a proper way and - which is a key to project success - understood and accepted by all parties. Experience in Business Analysis - 12 years. Business domains: eCommerce, ERP, CRM, CMS, Web Apps, SEO/SMM and some other. Hobbies: car trips, barbeque and beer, mountain hiking, swimming, startups.

Oleg Bolibrukh

Regional Manager

In Oleg’s own words he is an irreplaceable individual with a very important mission - to keep the peace.  Oleg communicates with clients and supervises external processes. He is responsible and discreet. He also knows everyone’s problems and can offer valuable advice, even if it’s just recommending the best vacation spot or which movie to see. In his free time, Oleg he keeps the atmosphere light and fun with his banter.  He likes literature and we believe he could easily become a good historian. A multi-faceted and self-confident individual, able to make quick decisions in difficult situations.  At the same time he is also sensible and sociable, and for that reason we can’t imagine MakeIT without Oleg.

Leonid Shalashnyj


Our marketer is a unique individual.  He does not watch movies, plays chess and poker, and reads anything and everything.  However, he is also calm and driven, doing everything necessary to reach our target audience. It is easy for him to relate to different people, and to get their attention.  He travels a lot, usually without a destination, loves football, especially his home team “Shakhtar”, and devotes his free time to reading books.  The day of a football game is a holiday for him, and the days on which our national team plays are sacred. He also loves the unknown and considers anything new to be worthy of his attention. Leonid dreams of traveling even more than he does now, to find absolute harmony with the surrounding world, and to try something new every day.

Yuliia Zaichenko

Sales Manager

Yuliia is the face of the company, being the first point of contact for clients, as well as finding new customers and other interesting tasks for our team.  She has a good sense of humor, easily starts conversations, and attracts people’s interest. She’s also responsible and results-oriented. Yuliia loves active rest, traveling, and stays up to date with the most recent movie releases.  She is able to mitigate any problem and stands out in the crows. If you work with us, you will likely speak to her, and then you will understand why we appreciate her so much.

Yaryna Holynska

Copywriter, office manager

The main keeper of order in the company.  Hundreds of calls per day, coordination of office events, solving local problems of any complexity - this is all Yaryna’s domain.  Without her, life in MakeIT would stop, and our employees would be left wandering around the office looking for workspaces. Our office manager is always on time and ready for any challenge.  However, even with such a demanding job, Yaryna has a bright personality and is pleasant to be around.  Her hobby is drawing and she dreams of seeing the whole world in the future. She also likes to read and go to the movies in her free time.  Versatile and creative, we are proud to have her on our team.


Andrew Anderson

Middle back-end developer

Hard coding - easy living. That’s the main rule of life. Biggest dream is to live the life of ease on the island and code with friends, in a big villa near the beach. Well, he’s half the way there, as his family is from Odessa, and he often goes there.

Sergiy Krokhmal

Full-Stack Developer

A developer capable of performing incredible volumes of work in a short amount time.  Sergiy quickly adapts to any situation and is able to handle any task due to his experience.  In his own words - he can do absolutely anything. Although there are exceptions, usually his punctuality is such that he drinks his morning coffee after last night’s dinner! He spends most of his free time with friends, traveling, and watching good movies.  He is also enthusiastic about being a part of the team and likes to hang out and organize events with his coworkers.

Ivan Khuda

Full-Stack Developer

An indispensable developer who has been successfully delivering projects in the MakeIT team for many years.  A representative of the sunny Transcarpathia region of Ukraine, Ivan has a mild character and an excellent sense of humor.  His jokes can motivate and energize the team even in final minutes before a deadline and raise the team’s morale even when facing the toughest demands from customers.  He lives by the motto “You’re a developer - fix it!”. Professionally Ivan has excellent technical skill and is good at understanding other developers’ code.  Knowing several programming languages, his biggest challenge is often deciding on which one to use. He spends his free time snowboarding or skiing, playing volleyball and tennis, and traveling.  He also likes reading high-quality literature and going to the movies with his friends. MakeIT would be completely different without Ivan.  We value him for his ability to solve problems of varying levels of complexity as well as his courage, which he generously shares with his colleagues.

Vitaliy Mihaylishin

Full-Stack Developer

A skilled developer, fully focused on his work.  It is difficult to make Vitaliy mad and his ability to withstand stress should be studied by scientists for the good of humanity.  It is also impossible to find a task for him that he is not able to accomplish. He spends his free time with his friends.  He is also quite a football fan - remembering the dates of all the key matches as well as the roster of all the competing teams. Vitaliy is responsible, driven, and sociable, with a good sense of humor.  He is definitely a developer we are glad to have on our team.

Oleksiy Chornogor


Oleksiy is the soul of the company.  He is a former comedian who has retained a courageous attitude to life from his previous career.  In his work he is organized and confident, picking up small things and seeing every bug even able to predict when and where they will appear.  He is a team player and adapts easily to different situations. He also has the ability to diffuse a difficult situation with a well-timed joke. He loves active rest and can’t imagine his life without his friends.  His hobby is billiards and he devotes a lot of his free time to it. He also likes nature, is conscious of the environment, and dreams of making the world a better place.

Yevhen Melnyk

Senior Engineer

Soul of the collective. Absolutely non-typical Chief Engineer, who is a solid emotion and at the same time is an incredibly talented specialist. There is no task that Yevhen cannot fulfill, there is no object that Eugene would not beat in the next joke. Biker Yevhen coordinates all the technical work done both within the office and over the products for customers. The high level of technical training and experience in the implementation of complex projects allows him to safely take up any work in his specialty. Dreams of traveling to China. On foot.

Dmytro Perliak

Computer System Operator

Dmytro is engaged in the implementation of local tasks in customer projects and assists in office management. Responsible and hardworking, punctual and confident in his own power, there is no problem for him that could not be solved. Together with the chief engineer, they are able to  transform any design everything beyond recognition. All the free time he devotes to friends and football that is something much bigger than a hobby for him.  He has great dreams but doesn’t share his methods of achieving them. Communicable. Dmitro provides the stable operation of the company, he is responsible for the uninterrupted operation of the technical support of our offices and customer equipment.  We thank him for the serious attitude to his duties and the protection of our team from any problems.


Tetiana Myshanych

Chief Accountant

Our accountant who keeps her hand on the pulse of all the financial needs of the company, monitors all costs, and handles the resolution of any financial issues.  She remembers everyone’s birthday and knows pretty much everything about each team member. Her hobbies include literature, cinema, spending time with friends, and going to music festivals and other large-scale events. She has many dreams, but they are quite realistic and achievable like devoting more time to herself, buying a car (and using it to travel), taking a round trip around the world, and reaching the peak of the world’s highest mountains, from Hoverla to Mt. Everest. Tetiana is one of the most important people in our team as she performs a lot of work related to analytics.

Olha Zubar

Assistant Accountant

Faithful Tatiana’s Assistant. Helps Chief Accountant with reporting, working with customers, registration of necessary documentation. Every day she learns something new and devotes a lot of time to self-development. Purposeful and punctual. She loves cycling and holidays in the company of her bosom friends.  In her plans is to finish foreign language courses, then start new ones. Calm and balanced, Olga provides vital, necessary assistance in organizing the work of the accountant and solving the strategic tasks of the company.  

Mobile Developers

Yaroslav Syrota

Senior android developer

Yaroslav loves to travel and discover new things for myself. Scuba diving, swimming, boxing, hiking are his favorite leisure time activities, Jazz and books are his constant companions.

Victor Artemyev

Senior android developer

Victor likes to run and swim, he also particularly loves to travel and explore the unknown countries. Plans for the future - to round the world and visit the most interesting and beautiful corners of our planet, make Ironman, take ondim from Eastern martial arts. The greatest achievement is a small victory over itself every day.

Dmytro Vedmedenko

Middle android developer

As the time comes, Dmytro wants to start playing music. In the future, he plan to implement his IT projects. He adores places where there is a minimum of people and where they have not contributed. The greatest achievement is the movement towards the implementation of the conceived.

Andriy Dotsyak

Junior andriod developer

In his spare time he likes go in for sports. Plans for the future - to travel around the world and visit the most charming places on this planet.