The Client:

Oxford Biolabs is a UK company specializing in research and manufacture of supplements for the health and beauty industry. By providing locally made, high-quality supplements, Oxford Biolabs gives their clients a chance to rejuvenate their skin, stop hair loss, and address other age-related ailments.

The Challenge:

The task here was to create a website that invokes trust from potential clients as people are not likely to order something that can have a direct effect on their health without implicitly trusting the company they order from.

The Solution:

MakeIT met the challenge by creating a website with a professional image, yet a personal feel. The professional image was established with the help of the news and research results pages, adding to the credibility of the company within the industry. The trust factor was created by adding employee pictures and information to the website, giving potential clients the feeling that they are actually working with real people whom they can trust. This trust is further reinforced by the live support feature that can be accessed through any page of the site and is used to guide potential clients through all parts of the purchase process as well as answer any questions they may have about the products.

The Features:
  • Dedicated reviews page with text and video reviews
  • Intricate Payment system
  • Online support
  • Registration and personal dashboard
The Result:
  • Increased business
  • More sales
  • Site visitors
  • Conversion to paying customers
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