The Founder

MakeIT is a custom software development company.

We help VC-backed startups and fast-growing tech companies build successful,
scalable products that users love.

Roman Lev


Roman is just a storm of ideas. From early childhood, he always had some business ideas, when he was only 13 years old, he established a local computer consultation services where he earned money to buy his first powerful PC. Extravert and passionate traveler, he brings energy to every project he deals with, so by 20 he already been to 10 countries on his own and spoke fluently in Czech language. When he meet Sergey in 2008 he was preparing for a trip to Canada, but the idea of establishing a business together changed everything, so he staid in Lviv and started working with Sergey together. Roman is a famous public figure and together with Sergey accomplished several charity projects for the Ukrainian people.

Sergiy Dziupin


Sergey's love for website development started in 2001 when at the age of 14 he learned HTML and built his first website. Sergey spent his late teenage years working on freelance website projects, and in college, he worked as SEO analyst and graphic designer improving his IT skills as much as it is possible. Sergey graduated from the University of Lviv in 2004 and holds Bachelors Defectology. Looking for the best place to work, he understood that the best place is built by his own hands, so after work on different companies and freelancing, he started his first own business. Everything he does is always related to the technologies, as that is what he really loves and feels passion for. MakeIT was established in early 2009 but was fully remade in 2014 as right then the company started outsourcing their services worldwide.

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