Development of a CRM-system for a construction company

The client

A medium-sized construction company.

The Challenge:

  • A legacy control system for the manufacturing process, progress statuses, and carrying out construction plans.
  • A lack of instruments to manage phone operators, measure their effectiveness, service quality, and other factors.
  • Necessity to add information about available lots by hand.
  • The wish to add all team member into one virtual space.
  • Non tech-savvy employees, requiring a UI/UX that is as simple and user friendly as possible.
Image Case CRM

The Request:

  • Development of a user friendly interface.
  • A modular structure (with the ability to add or hide certain elements according to one’s role).
  • A convenient place for information about leads, contract terms, and results.
  • On demand creation of custom graphs and diagrams.
  • Functionality for automated reports and sharing these reports through the system’s internal communication.
  • Full portfolio creation.
  • All necessary documents, blueprints, schematics, and additional info on one page.
  • Client interest level indicators.
  • Full-text system-wide search.
  • Permission based system – information is displayed specifically according to the user’s role.
  • Ability to automatically choose an agent depending on skills.
Image Case CRM

Modular roles and permissions system

A multi-level permissions system provides more possibilities than just static limitation of access and user actions based on their role. At any point in time, any system component can be turned on or off for individual users, groups of users, or the entire system. This gives an opportunity to really fine-tune the CRM depending on any work situation and guarantees strong protection of sensitive data from outside users or guests.

Image Case CRM

The Result

  • All of the company’s internal processes have been moved to a single, convenient system.
  • Employees are able to monitor project status and changes in real time.
  • Increased lead response rate.
  • Increased conversion of leads to clients due to a streamline communication process.
  • Improved collaboration between employees through the implementation of an internal messaging system.
  • Increased employee trust and retention due to overall system transparency.
  • Convenient creation of income, tax, and other government required reports, using the reporting functionality.
  • Increased effectiveness of the sales team through he creation of a manager rating based on profitability.
  • Overall, this system proved to be a powerful instrument in increasing the company’s efficiency and profitability.