The Client:

A group of people passionate about the city of Odessa.

The Challenge:

Originally, the client had a WordPress site with over 50 plugins. The site suffered from performance and security issues, being weighed down by all the plugins and heavy functionality and getting hacked nearly every week. The client approached MakeIT to find the most effective solution to these problems.

The Solution:

MakeIT was first hired to support the existing site. However, due to the large amount of functionality as inherent security issues within the platform, it was determined that WordPress was simply not the best solution for such a large site. MakeIT suggested and implemented a full, custom rebuild using the PHP framework Yii, recreating all of the site’s functionality and migrating all content.

  • Rapid rendering of the “News” and “Articles” pages through AJAX
  • Photogallery with a unique structure
  • Convenient search using tags
  • Rapid processing of large amounts of data using Sphinx
  • Unique banner ads that automatically adapt to any device and screen size
  • Frequency and display time capping for ads
  • Real time weather and currency exchange rate updates through API integrations
  • Ability for registered users to suggest news, photos, videos, and articles
  • Survey functionality
  • Social network sharing
  • Bulletin board
  • Social Marketplace
  • A caching system, an optimized code base, and a minimized number of requests to the database allow the site to handle significant workloads

The Result:

  • All functionality rebuilt from scratch
  • All content, including posts and comments migrated
  • No security issues – stable for over 3 years
  • Handles high user loads with no problem.


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